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Elevate Your Life With Delta-8 Disposable Vapes and Delta-8 Gummies. Enjoy Premium Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, HHCP & THCP Compounds with Live-Resin Terpenes Liquid Diamonds. 

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Let Hemp be Your Daily Dose of Inspiration as You Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Delta-8 THC, and THC-P are blended together for one-of-a-kind full body relaxation that promotes focus and clarity. These special hemp-derived cannabinoids still give you a “high,” but they have their own effects that aren’t the same as CBD or Delta 9 THC. 

With Venera edibles and disposable vapes, the mild psychoactive effect will fill you with a powerful relaxation without the impaired effects of Delta-9 THC. You should still never drive or get behind the wheel but all of our products provide a less intense high with a lower psychotropic potency. So you can relax, de-stress, and focus on enjoying yourself.

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Indoor THCA PRE ROLLS Venera

Everything we make is engineered to the highest quality to create the most potent, flavorful strains that taste as good as they make you feel. Venera adheres to high manufacturing standards as certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

All our hemp products, from the best-selling Delta-8 pen to our refreshing Delta-8 THC gummies, are tested throughout production.

We ensure our final products’ safety, quality and compliance with third-party testing by an accredited, independent laboratory.

From our vegan Delta-8 edibles to pure live resin Delta-8 disposable pens, Venera products are completely natural and made with only the highest quality organically grown domestic hemp.

Are Venera’s Delta-8
Disposables & Edibles Legal?
Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds 3g Disposable – Blue Dream (Sativa) Venera

Federally, yes. Locally – maybe. 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp production, given its final products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight. There are no restrictions on compounds derived from hemp, making Delta-8 THC,  HHC and THCP cannabinoids all legal. 

However, some states have banned hemp-derived psychoactives like Delta-8 THC. When purchasing online at Venera, check that our Delta-8 disposable vapes and edibles will ship to your state.

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