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How proactive are you about your stress management? Stress is a fact of daily life for most of us. Today’s always-on, 24-7 culture doesn’t allow us to switch off for a second. Over time, the effect of stress can prove quite toxic, endangering both our mental and physical health and bringing us closer to a complete breakdown. The better route is to spend a little thought on how you can manage stress in your life, and one thing that a lot of people find helpful is including CBD products in their daily routine. So, how do you get started with creating a stress management routine that compliments your life?

Stress – A Modern Epidemic

The effects of stress in our lives are insidious and can lead to serious health issues when left unchecked. And there’s little doubt that the pressures of modern life are uniquely stressful. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that 72% of people who experience daily issues with stress and anxiety say that it interferes with their lives at least ‘moderately’ and there are plenty more for whom it’s effects are even more acute. The effects of stress on the mind and body are not completely understood, but there’s little doubt that chronic stress can have a serious effect on our health. Those suffering may find:

  • Low energy
  • Loss of appetite or binge eating
  • Upset stomach and nausea
  • Regular headaches
  • Chest pains
  • Tense muscles
  • Insomnia
  • More frequent infections
  • Dental issues from grinding teeth#

Those are just the day-to-day symptoms – over the longer term, stress can cause inflammation in the body, which has been linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes and even some types of cancer. That’s to say nothing of the other effects on our lives – a lack of focus, being extra irritable, not being able to problem-solve, and experiencing a breakdown in personal relationships can all be experienced by those living with stress. It is, quite literally, a killer. But avoiding stress entirely is almost impossible in today’s society.

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Learning To Manage Stress

Stress management is a positive life skill that we would all do well to learn. What works is highly individual, and most often a combination of techniques is required to produce the best results. Popular methods of stress management include using mindfulness apps, learning meditation, mind management visualizations, talking to trusted friends or family, using exercise, or being outdoors in nature. If natural solutions are something that appeals to you, then CBD can really help you to balance your mental health. Lots of people are now finding it to be a highly beneficial part of their stress management routine, and with products from gummies to vapes to capsules available, there are lots of different ways to fit it into your life.

CBD For Stress – Management

CBD products have a calming effect to help you manage your wellbeing, and there are lots of solutions available that can support you in targeting a particular aspect of stress that you’re struggling with.

Lack Of Sleep – We’ve all been there – the night before a big interview or meeting, exactly when you know you need to be at your most well-rested, creative, and alert, and you can’t sleep. In fact, chronic sleeplessness is a serious problem in the US – one in four Americans develop insomnia a year, and it’s thought that 60 million are affected by it. The consequences can be severe. Long term sleeplessness can cause memory loss, weight gain, immune system deficiency, and psychiatric disorders in severe cases. Many people find that simply adding a few drops of CBD oil to their bedtime routine can have a transformative effect. Cannabinoids can help support you to fall asleep and have a more restful night, so you can wake refreshed and ready to face whatever the day might hold.

Skin Breakouts – When we’re feeling anxious often our skin breaks out – it’s a sign of the inflammatory response the body has to acute stress. These unsightly breakouts can make you feel very self-conscious and actually increase the amount of stress you’re under in turn, leading to a vicious cycle of sore inflamed skin and poor self-image. Adding CBD to your skincare routine may not be a solution you’ve considered before, but it can have a calming and restorative effect. Using a CBD face mask or adding some drops of CBD oil into your moisturizer can really help to give you glowing skin and the confidence that comes with it.

CBD For Daily relief

Extreme Nerves – When you really need to deliver on something, like a big presentation, then a small number of nerves can be helpful. But some experience chronic stress over tasks like this that completely destroy their performance and doesn’t allow them to shine. In those cases, eating a CBD gummy can take the edge of anxiety that won’t let you get on with the task in hand. Keep a pot in your bag or desk drawer, and you have a secret weapon to help you fight performance destroying nerves.

A Challenging Day – We all have those days that are better forgotten – we got a telling off from our boss, had a disagreement with a friend. J Just experienced a series of small stresses piling up. It can be very difficult to leave these worries behind you and not let them pile up. Using a CBD product in the evening can really help to relax you and let you unwind and clear your mind. Adding a few drops of oil to a deep bath is especially helpful.

There are lots of different ways that you can incorporate CBD into your life for stress management, the trick is to find the methods that work for you. If you want to be proactive about responding to stress levels and managing your own wellbeing, it’s something that can work really well and help you to get a handle on small everyday stresses before they pile up and become worse. Using VENERA CBD products responsibly and consistently could be just what you need to make life a little easier.


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