Limited Edition Delta 8 + THCO – THCP 3000mg Gummies – Watermelon


Warning High Potency Edibles.

Suggested dose: Start with half of a gummy and build up the tolerance slowly.

Enjoy the wellness benefits of delta 8 + THCO + THCP our most potent gummy! These Venera flavorful gummies are formulated to deliver the effects of Delta8 + THCO + THCP fast and conveniently.
Our Watermelon gummies are  infused with a high-quality delta 8 + THCO + THCP  extract derived from natural locally grown US hemp. You’ll enjoy the consistency of each and every one of our delta 8 +THCO + THCP  gummies.
These tasty treats come in a 3000mg pack containing 12 gummies. 

  • 250 mg hemp-derived delta 8+THCO  per gummy.
  • Sourced from 100% legal USA hemp
  • Precision-extraction
  • Made from aerial parts hemp extract
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  • You must be 21+ to purchase this product

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