• It’s always fascinating to learn about celebrities who smoke weed to spark up their creativity or relax

    Celebrities who smoke weed: The names that will surprise you

    If you are a party person, you may think you’re the only one hitting the bong after hours, but even the rich and famous need to chill out. Stars also enjoy sparking up weed in their free time. You’ve likely heard of rappers or comedians who openly embrace it, but other musicians, actors, and even …

  • When you smoke THCA buds, THCA is psychoactive as heat turns the acid into THC

    Is THCA psychoactive?

    If you are to browse D-8 pens or edibles, you may come across mentions of THCA. The hype around this compound is viral these days, making a lot of us wonder if THCA has psychoactive properties like THC.  The quick answer is that THCA doesn’t send you on cloud nine. But it’s not as simple …

  • THCA is the same as normal weed when you look at it in a bud, but it is different for how THCA strains are cultivated and what effects they produce

    Is THCA the same as regular weed?

    Picture this: you’re at a bustling party, surrounded by laughter, music, and the unmistakable aroma of cannabis. Someone passes you a joint, and you feel like grabbing it for the wonders of weed. But what if we told you that not all herbs are created equal? Chances are, you may be given THCA flower that …

  • There is no definite answer to whether THCA kills cancer yet, but it has shown the ability to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells in lab studies

    Does THCA help with cancer?

    With the growing interest in holistic and natural therapies for cancer, you may be wondering if the cannabis compound THCA holds promise as an antitumor agent. Let’s separate fact from fiction. Indeed, does THCA kill cancer? In this article, we explore the limited but intriguing research on the cannabinoid in question and analyze the studies …

  • THCA flower comes from the same natural plant as THC buds

    Where does THCA flower come from?

    THCA is one of the most exciting trends for good reason. It’s a lawful way of getting your hands on some cannabis-derived goodness – at the point of purchase, that is. But consumption is a different story. That’s where it can get perplexing, as THCA comes from a plant that is potentially psychoactive. Luckily, the …

  • When composing, creators may benefit from doing a dry run with the best weed for musicians

    Why do musicians smoke weed?

    Have you ever felt uninspired or as if you needed some creative juice? Probably all musicians have been there, desperate for that spark to strike. The right cannabis strains can unlock a tidal wave of new ideas and increase your focus if you are a creative mind. In this blog, we tap into enhanced creativity …

  • THCA converts to Delta-9 whenever smokers heat pre-rolled joints with a lighter

    Can THCA convert to Delta-9?

    You can’t act on a hunch when choosing hemp products. It is never just about the most beautiful buds or the easiest method to try cannabis. All varieties and compounds like THCA mean something, and you must understand whether what you’re smoking is really what you’ve bought and what you want. To help you make …

  • Some pre-rolled blunts are created to deliver more than just a few pulls so you can immerse yourself in a fantastic smoking session

    What is a pre-roll blunt?

    Before everyone started raving about vapes and edibles, joints were the go-to method to revel in some cannabis. Today, the art of rolling those by hand is complemented by other options, as pre-roll blunts and spliffs are up for grabs. Some enthusiasts still prize the ritual and skill of making DIY hand-rolled goodies. But the …

  • When added to extract Delta-9 gummies, THCP is considered more potent than THC at activating your endocannabinoid system

    Best extract Delta-9 gummies: How to pick and enjoy

    You know what they say, “An extract a day keeps the doctor away.” At least, that’s what you’ll be saying after experiencing the invigorating effects of extract Delta-9 gummies (by Venera, for example). But what goes into the product you put into your mouth, and how can you enjoy the journey immensely? This post will …

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