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We pride ourselves in working with distributors and stores to help build their business, regardless of size.


If you can’t sell a certain product within 60 days, we will swap it out with something that works better for you.


All orders in the the majority of the states arrive between 4 to 5 business days.


We will help educating you on everything you need to know about Cannabis & Hemp and our products.


Your go-to Delta-8 wholesaler trusted by 195+ retailers 

Venera is dedicated to fulfilling cosmic business aspirations and is driven by a passion for the cannabis industry. As a quality-focused Delta-8 wholesale supplier in the USA, we put a premium on every aspect of production and delivery, from research to branding and distribution of cannabis and hemp products. Our mission is to make stress-free and pain-free life accessible to everyone while building long-lasting and trust-based relationships with our wholesale clients.

Source the best products with Delta-8 in bulk, without MOQ

Flexibility is the name of the game in the cannabis distribution industry. That’s why we have eliminated the minimum order quantity requirement for our wholesale partners. Whether you’re a small-scale retailer in North Carolina or a large distributor in Virginia, you can take advantage of our wholesale pricing without worrying about meeting a quantity threshold. Order the exact number of boxes you need and make it easier to cater to your target audience.

  • Wiggle room for inventory management. Customize your Delta-8 orders to meet the demand of your customers. Avoid the risk of excess inventory or stock-outs by buying only what you need.
  • Cost-effective pricing. Snap up Venera’s best products at a competitive Delta-8 bulk price, regardless of your business’s size. Maintain healthy profit margins and maximize your profitability with more leeway for pricing our goodies at your store.
  • Adaptive strategy. Explore new D8 creations, put different Venera offerings to the retail test, and respond quickly to market trends without excessive commitments. Our No MOQ Policy allows you to experiment with and adjust your inventory on the fly.
  • Scalability potential. There’s no denying the demand for hemp-derived products is set on an upward path. Scale your bulk Delta-8 orders at your business’s growth pace with Venera so that your cannabis supplies are always on par with customers’ requests.

60-Day Swap-Out Program

As one of the USA’s most responsible Delta-8 wholesale suppliers, we embrace accountability for what we bring to your store. With Venera, there are no hidden surprises. Your wholesale orders are handled with care and come in pristine condition for:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction. If any of our wholesale Delta-8 products fail to meet your expectations in sales terms, you can easily initiate a replacement within 60 days of purchase. Our business model is designed to provide you with options even if some of our D8 goodies are not popular among your customers.
  • Hassle-free exchanges. Time is valuable for any business owner, which is why we strive to make the swap-out process as convenient as possible for you. If you want to arrange a replacement to test the selling potential of Venera’s other products, reach out to us to take the next step. 
  • Convenience. Typical 30-day Delta-8 wholesale guarantees miss the mark when your retail business is in the middle of catching up with cannabis market trends. We’ve extended our Swap-Out Program to 60 days to create a safer timeframe for you to implement a plan B to boost sales.

Wholesale Delta-8 information support

Knowing your product from seed to shelf is a catalyst for your business success. In the constantly evolving cannabis market, staying informed and educated is a must. When you choose Venera as your wholesale partner, you unlock a range of educational benefits tailored to your needs:

  • Newsletter. That’s your email-level way to stay informed about the dynamic landscape of the Delta8 wholesale market, including the latest news about Venera’s product releases, discounts, new arrivals, and more. It will help you nail strategic business decisions and be among the first to adopt new opportunities.
  • Blog. Our website is a go-to resource for everything a Delta-8 retailer needs to know. Read up on the specifics of our gummies, buds, pre-rolls, and disposables while keeping tabs on top-rated products, usage recommendations, and answers to the end user’s frequent questions.
  • Guidance. Every business goes through a unique journey. Our personalized guidance is meant to address your specific needs associated with Delta-8 and bulk offerings. You can always contact our team and get advice, whether it’s related to placing an order or choosing the best product. 

Wholesale offers for online and physical stores

Whether you operate an e-commerce store or a brick-and-mortar location, Venera’s wholesale program is for you. Our partnership can be arranged for the swiftness of online sales or the visual enticement of D8 products displayed on your shelves. 

For physical stores

With Venera, you can tap into dozens of cannabis product types available in large quantities and at competitive prices. When the demand soars, your supply isn’t affected by delays and shipment mishaps. Plus, you will have the best whole-sale Delta-8 conditions and the highest-quality D8 goodies that adhere to FDA regulations.

Even if you’re a local Delta-8 distributor who doesn’t need thousands of gummy boxes per month, our prices will remain the same, no matter the amount you want to purchase. Add our No MOQ Policy to the equation, select the items you want to sell in your store, and stock up on them in a ‘test-size’ quantity.

Did someone say swiftness? Your order will arrive at your store’s door within 4-5 business days, no matter your state. Be sure to amass Delta-8 products before your customers empty the shelves.

For e-commerce stores

If you set your sights on online sales, partnering with Venera as your Delta-8 wholesaler can help grow your target audience. Act upon low-stock alerts to have more Venera products when necessary and save your customers’ from out-of-stock disappointment. We partner with reliable fast-shipping services to bring our products nationwide.

Wondering what you get when you cross Venera’s lab-tested cannabis products and amazing wholesale prices? The concoction that lets you see your sales skyrocket!

Run your retail business on your terms

Join Venera and 195+ other Delta-8 retailers to treat your customers to premium-quality cannabis products and natural relief. You can count on Venera’s flexibility for our partnership, regardless of how many retail locations you run in the USA. Contact our dedicated team to discuss what this flexibility could be like for you!

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